Islamic- Persian manuscripts Collection

One of the important objectives of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization is to identify, preserve and introduce historical heritage, especially the remains of the manuscripts and documents of Islamic civilization of Iran.

Iran as an Islamic country has an ancient civilization and rich intellectual heritage and a large part of this legacy are preserved in manuscript.

Now, in addition to the hundreds and thousands of manuscripts in the country, many of these exquisite works are preserved in libraries, science centers or are in personal collections and some of which, unfortunately are on the verge of destruction.

Since each of these versions of our cultural link with our historic background and their destruction lead to forgetting part of our culture and history. Their destruction could lead to serious attention to identify, preserve and maintain them.

Researchers within the country are facing a shortage of historical resources and often use secondary materials with foreign country approach. In this regard, the central library decided to identify countries that have cultural and historical manuscripts in Persian language to provide this precious heritage of Islamic and Iranian resources to researchers.

In addition it also identifies shortcomings damages in this area and seeks effective strategies to organize this heritage.

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