Frequently asked questions

Is the library open to the public?

Yes, the library is open to the public; students and researcher with recommendation letter can use the library collections.


What are the Library's opening hours?

Library opening hours

Sat to wed      8.30am to 4pm


What are membership requirements?

Membership is free of charge. Users should provide a recommendation letter and ID card or student card. Each member can borrow 4 books for 15 days (can be extended).


How to reach us?

Address: Islamic Cultural and Relations Organization, Central Library
Imam Khomeinie Complex
Resalat EXP.

P.O.Box: 15815/3516

Tel: 88153506


Does the library have facilities such as scan and print?

Yes, library resources can be scanned and printed but there is a limit on the manuscripts.


Are the manuscripts collected in the library?

Scan of the manuscripts of Iran Pakistan Institute of Persian studies, Persian Research Centre in India and Ganj Bakhsh Library in Pakistan are available in the library.


Does the Library provide internet access?

Yes, Internet access is provided for users in the library.


Does the library provide periodicals regularly?

Yes, the library subscribes periodicals on a regular base.


What is library policy?

Central library has a collection of 30 thousand books in the field of cultural relations, history, Cultural Studies of the world and religions to pursue the aims and objectives of ICRO.

There is also a collection of books in different languages which is published by the cultural centers of ICRO.

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