About us

Islamic Culture and Relations Organization (ICRO) is the only cultural organization in charge of introducing culture, art and civilization of Iran and also the achievements of the Islamic revolution. Its main goal is directing international cultural activities of Islamic republic of Iran. 

The Central library and Archive of cultural documents which is subdivision of Research and Training Department of the ICRO is established in 1995 as a bridge between educators, scholars, religious scientist, Iranian artists and a board universe.

In addition, this library contains a valuable collection of Books, periodicals cultural reports especially in the field of country studies, religions, Iranian Studies, Islam, Islamic Revolution, education and humanities and literature and also books which have been translated and published abroad in non-Persian languages.

The library has several databases such as 1- Documents Database 2- Manuscript Database 3- Articles Database 4- Database of scholars and intellectuals 5- Database of Cultural centers 6-Periodicals Database 7- Audiovisual Database     

Book lending & Reference books:

In addition to book circulation, this section provides various services such as offering bibliographic information and publishing library news and recent publications which is available in:  www.digilib.icro.ir

 Periodical section:

This section has a rich collection of rare, specialized periodicals in the fields of culture, politic, social, religion and international relations and is responsible for maintaining and retrieval of bulletins received from cultural centers of ICRO.

Archive of cultural documents and articles:

Documents and reports in the fields of culture, religious, history, international relations, and education are received from ICRO cultural centers, ministry of Culture and Islamic guidance and ministry of foreign affairs and domestic offices.

These resources after indexing and evaluation will be archived in both physical and electronic format and are available for researchers 


Book sending:

According to priority of countries and identifying user needs, books will be prepared and sent to libraries of Iran cultural offices, research centers and other reliable scientific-cultural centers



Organizing libraries of cultural offices abroad:

This section is responsible for organizing library resources (cataloging and classification) of Cultural Centers of the Islamic Republic of Iran in target countries, Entering books data into computer, Training of Librarians, Equipment of all libraries with Indexed journals software and Library Management software.

In general, implementing and standardizing of library databases in order to have integrated library is the important objective of this section.

Iran corners:

Iran corner as the main scientific and cultural information center is supporting educational and research activities in the host community, providing access to scientific resources for researchers and providing a clear picture of Iranian-Islamic culture and civilization in the host country.

This section attempts to establish and support and develop Iran corners in valid universities and scientific centers.




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