Identification of Islamic arts and manuscripts

Manuscripts section of ICRO is responsible for identification of a wide range of countries with collections of Islamic and Iranian works. Unfortunately, there is little information available concerning Asian countries manuscripts which are in danger of extinction.

This section deals with maintaining and organizing manuscripts especially the rare and endangered works to peruse ICRO's objectives.

Development plan of manuscript section

Provide digital libraries links with manuscript collections-

-Identification of the manuscript catalogues in Persian language and providing digital format of them

-Translate manuscript catalogues abroad

-Introduce Special Collections to local centers (poor preservation, at risk of deterioration, Shiite manuscript)

Identification of unlisted manuscripts-

Provide link to manuscript collection that is produced in the Islamic world-

In respect of manuscript resource management, The ICRO has signed a memorandum of understanding with the institutions and libraries abroad that is conducted by central library and cultural attaches. This will lead to compile "Atlas of Islamic manuscripts in the world" that serves the interests of researchers and some institutions, especially the National Library.

It is worth mentioning that now digital library of ICRO is a bridge between researcher and historical and scientific resources that opens a new outlet to Islamic historical sources.

The manuscript section seeks to introduce more details of the update websites and provide access to them.


- It is important to mention that most of the manuscripts are collected in museums so for accurate search Use keywords like "Asian, Islamic, oriental, Persian art ".

-Each collection holder chooses different methods for maintenance of Islamic manuscripts; some collect it as a separate section and some collect all together, in some cases digital collection and library have different web sites.

-Since the museums and the libraries have manuscript collections so both have listed as collection holders.

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