Registration process of Sana software Online

For using social facilities, each user should click the membership icon and enter their basic information to activate library services or social services.


When you are browsing library software without your username, you will be considered as a guest.

 The facililities provided for a guest is limited and depends on the director of each libray. You obviously are deprived of many facilities as a guest  and in order to take advantage of them you need to register as a member.

Free User

As you can see in Figure 1, in the above toolbar, the membership request for a guest is activated. After clicking on this option, enter the basic information needed for registration.


Figure 2

It should be noted that the information must be accurate, correct and perfect because a verification email will be sent to make sure the email address. If your information has been entered correctly, the following message will be displayed for you.


Figure 2

is the image of E-mail that is sent to you .You should click on "confirm membership" to confirm your registrantion as a free users.Free user refers to a person who receives facilities for free


Figure 3


Figure  4


After clicking on this phrase, another window will open for you that means you can log in.When you log in with username and password, as a free user you have more option than guest user. For example you can search the database of electronic documents, theses, etc.

Or you can do some social activities in the program. In any case, if you want to use library facilities, such as borrowing documents and using social facilities such as sharing text, photo, book or should request these services in your application and enter as a main user.


Primery Users

For veritying your eligibility by administrator to get  different request,after entering the program,click on service request  in the toolbar and fill out the information needed and upload photos.please fill information correctly because the data entered are used for the next processes like sending text message etc.



Figure 5

After filling personal information and uploading photo, you should select library service or social service facility request or on membership and submit your service request to administrator and check your mail for acceptance or rejection of your request.


Figure 6





Enter your personal information in profile section.This section is accessable for individuals and groups with your permission and consists of the following.

My picture: In this section, upload your photo. The photos are accessable for individuals and groups with your permission.

Changing your username or nickname: This name can be letters, numbers or both, it can be used in social system and users will know you by this name. The default name is your username and you can change it in this section

About me: In social section you can put some information about your family or anything that is useful for others.


Caption: write a brief sentence about your self or you can also add your respected job .This phrase will be displayed under your photo for those who have the permission to view.


My favorite: in this section a number of areas of interest (topics) are listed by administrator, that you can select one or more topics. You can also add some interested topics if you have permission. Your suggestion after approval will be listed. The topics that you have selected are very important and functional because according to them, the books, friends, news, seminar and interested topics are offered to you.

Employment: Put your resume here.

Places I'veLived: You can add this information to your profile based on the community need.

Education: Enter necessary information about your education (educational field, educational level, place of graduation and etc).

Marital status: Enter optional information if necessary.



Privacy: There are three types of groups that you can choose any or all of them.If the phrase "just me" is selected, Of course, no one except you has the permission to view the information in your profile.

If the "General" icon is selected, all individuals have the permission to see your profile information, even if they are not members of the social system.

If the "other members" icon is selected, all those registered in social systems are able to enter your profile page.beside these groups, the groups that you created as your friends also are displayed in this section so you can specify the information for them to view.

It should be noted that in case of giving permission to display your profile, they can only view the education, career history, interests and places you have visited.



Once you enter into the application, in the lower right of the program, a small message, based on the number of new messages are displayed for you. Click on it to enter the messages. In addition, the unread messages are shown in the top menu, and by clicking on it you will enter "manage your messages".


Figure 7

To send a message, you should have permission from the administrator. In this case, in the list of administratory facility the icon "manage messages "will be activated for you.After creating a message you can edit, delete, or specify its audience.


                                                                                                      8 Figure  


On the right side of the page, application of group are displayed to determine audience and on the left side, units of organization are displayed.You should selecet at least one group of audience and one unit of organization for sending a message.Do not forget that if publish icon is not checked, it will not be display publicly.Even if you have set the audience.


                                                                                                      9 Figure  


The librarian's role is not limited in only doing library services.They should be faitfull in custormer service as a guide and consultant.

It can be multilateral like the consultation of librarian and faculty, librarian togather for sharing experiences and also between librarians and users on how to use the services for selecting book or article and… even, consultations between the users themselves.

For this reason the social system of Sana has launched a consultant section.Any user who has permission to get consultant services, can find "consultant icon" on the top menu, next to the "messages".Avaiable online librarians will be listed to you and you can enter the online consultration page by clicking on the selected librarian's name and can have audio and video communication (If you have a webcam or Hands-Free Headset).


If you are a librarian and volunteer to consult, after getting authorization, "consult users" icon will appears near friendship request icon of your page.

After clicking on this icon, you as a consultant can answer questions and consult with other users.


Friendship request

If you have authorized to create friendship group, you can use several methods to add your friends in your group. It should be noted that your friends are those who are already registered in the social system.

The first method: click on the phrase:" friendship request "you can view the list of those who want to be your friends. As you can see in Figure A, two users keshani and emami request friendship from user "shahzeidi" and they are at waiting list to be accepted or rejected.



                                                                                                      10 Figure  

If you accepted any request of friendship, you should immediately put in specified group that you created before.

The second way: with an authorization in "social search" you can find user's account by searching name, family name and username and enter their profile and send friendship request. In this case you are on hold and the user can decide to accept or reject you.

As you can see in the figure below, the user emami2 sign in and enter the user shahzeidi's personal page. User emami2 is in standby mode on shahzeidi's page. Compare figure 10 and 11.

In Figure 10, the user shahzeidi sign in and view received requests while in Figure 11, the user emami2 sign in and entered shahzeidi's page and he finds out that the user has waiting for confirming or denying his friendship request from (emami2)


                                                                                                      11 Figure  

The third method: The system based on specific algorithms and according to common interests of people like books and articles suggests individuals that by clicking you can enter their web page and send friendship request…...


                                                                                                      12 Figure  


In the list of social facilities, there is an option called friends that by clicking on it and then click on "Create new group Friends" you can create a group for your friends first.



Then this group is located in your page as a separate shelf and you can edit shelf, delete shelf and change permissions and also edit shelf's contents. 

When changing access permissions, you can create maximum access for groups of friends that you specified( only you have access to these groups, guests and other members who are member of the social system are allowed to view them, those who follow you also can view and …)


You can edit or delete friends of your groups by "Edit Available shelf". For adding friends to these groups please see "friend request" part.



By creating a new shelf for books, sort your books in social system, these categories in terms of subject area or kind of access are different. Due to your social systems application you can create and share new books, popular books.


After creating a new shelf, you should add books on it, to do this you can select books from your own library collection and transfer it to the social system. Firstly search the book in the bibliography section then click on "Add to my library" and transfer it to your shelf.


After clicking on this phrase, a page will be displayed, that you can upload your book's image or can choose it from Google images and finally set up the books on the shelves of your page.



If you are looking for a particular book, you can search it in the social system. Once you find the desired book click on "details" so that you can do the following operations on the record.


Enter the page of user (creator of page). So, you can view their profile and other social facilities that they gave permission to view or you can send a friendship request and know his favorite books, articles or news.

Share the book you selected and it will be moved to your shelves. As the figure shows User Tabassom signs in and searches the phrase Quran in the social system and as a result she finds" Dictionary of holly Quran"

Note: the books in the social system are not the same books in your library but they can be transferred from the library to the social system. By clicking on its details, more information of the book will open and user Tabassom can transfer the book to her shelf. Take a look on user Tabassom's book shelf.





As shown in figure, there is the possibility to submit comments or any recommendations for each book. By clicking on the "Comments on the book" you will enter the page where you can see others' comments and add your own. It can be done easily, if you have created the book.

For adding comments on other books, if you have permission you should first find the book. And enter the "details".



As shown in figure, There is "view and add tags" icon in the book detail page.You can also add tags and view the tags that are added by creator of documents and other members. These tags should be selected from the proposed list otherwise you should create new tag. And after confirming by administrator it will be added to your documents.  

 It should be noted that tags are same as the descriptors, keywords or terms represent a book or photo or text etc. and is categorized in one or more areas of interest. In a social system, different interests can create many activities.

For example, common interests and tags play an important role. And users with the close Interests are suggested.

 Also tags play an important role in finding each document such as books, news, subjects, and friend



Finally rating of social facilities such as books, photographs, articles and so on

  In this section you can select an option from (excellent, good, no idea poor or very poor).After entering the program, it will appear in the left column as the Tops" for each section. For example if you are in book section, the top books are on the left column of that page.

Photo gallery

By creating a new gallery for photos, you can categorize the photos of you social system.These categories are different in terms of subject area and depending on thier access.

You can use social system for uploading pictures of your center, photos of your staff and famous people and share it with others.




Each created gallery will appear as a separate shelf in your page that allow you to edit the shelf (edit the name of the shelf), delete the shelves, change permissions and edit the shelves contents.


You can specify access levels for each gallery when changing permissions.You can only see the photos of the gallery. Guests and other members who are member of social system and those who follow you also can view photos.

Edit or delete existing photos in the "Edit shelf contents". Note, photos just like books and individuals are offered in the left column and are suggested to you as the latest photos and most viewed photos.when you click on a picture, you can enter the creater's page, view the picture and its comments and share pictures with other people and participate in photos ranking

For more information please see guide book section.




If the content offered in the social system is valid and reliable, it can help the quality and awareness of information provided.You can attract more fixed users, with every useful subject sent.

For uploading a content which can be scientific, cultural articles and book reviews at first you should create a shelf such as before.



In the above picture a shelf named "participation in creating contents" is created. By clicking on the setting icon a blue menu containing the following will appear.

Edit shelf: The name of the shelf can be edited.

Changing access permission, you can specify the limite of each audience access.

Edit shelf contents: The title and content of each shelf can be edited.

Delete shelf: You can delete the available shelves.

Add to shelf: add your contents on the desired shelf, choose a title for your content, a picture will be created from the phrase you typed on the " Preview story"  and  will be displayed as your content's image then create your text according to the page facilities.

 Copy photos, create links and … are the facilities of this page.



For more information see guide section" Book"




Publishing News in social system is based on interaction between users and librarians. In this section by creating different groups you can categorize different news which will be available to the public.

The news will be displayed to other users according to the most visited or highest rated.

In addition it is possible to publish news on Sana agency ( free of charge, if the news is in accordance with the rule and regulation of Sana agency.



A page will open that contains the rules and standards. If you are disagree, your news will just place in social system of Sana and won't be publish. If you are agree with the rules, the news will be released on news column of the news agency.



What you select as new's subjects, it will be publish as headlines in the news column of Sana.You can also enter general information by clicking on the "headline news" that is exactly what you entered in the summary of your topic.



In this page there is a section called "view news" that is connected to social system of Sana news.

In social system of Sana, users who add news are well known by director of library as well as administrator of social system for controlling the news.

There are more facilities available, providing Comments, sharing news, having direct communication with other users and also participating in news ranking.